General Sample Album

This general sample album is designed to show off some of the features of BluPlusPlus. The album reflects the Variables example. The sample album is meant to illustrate features, not be an example of a wonderfully artistic photo album. To save space and bandwidth, image files have been produced at low quality resolution, the sound files have been produced at low sampling rates and in mono, and the video, well, is idiotic.

The following features of BluPlusPlus are demonstrated in the sample album:

  • different styles for different subalbums
  • different frame types for different subalbums
  • different positions and alignments for comments
  • audio files
  • video files
  • the use of Variables
  • custom titles for images
  • custom titles for folders
  • custom thumbnails for folder (subalbum) icons
  • custom backgrounds (wallpaper) for index and slide pages
  • headers, footers, and slide descriptions via external files and via Variables

The folder structure used to build the sample album is shown below. A detailed discussion of how this folder structure results in the sample album can be found in the Variables documentation.