jAlbum Version 23 (release date November 17, 2020)

BPP development has ended
  • jAlbum version 23.0.1 changed the filter processing technique. This is incompatible with BPP, and it causes frame generation to fail. It would require a major structural change to fix BPP. Consequently you must run BPP in jAlbum 23 or earlier. There are no plans to fix BPP.

Version 5.1 (release date October 9, 2019)

Bug Fix
  • In original slide pages, the "Up one level" button failed: "File not found" (since jAlbum 17.1).
Code clean-up
  • Some scripts used an obsolete technique for including variables, i.e. $varname. These have been changed to ${varname}. This would probably have caused problems in future versions of jAlbum.

Version 5 (release date June 5, 2018)

  • After upgrading to BPP 5, you must convert your albums before changing or making them.
  • Requires jAlbum 12.7. This is because BPP uses new jAlbum features (video support, videoPath, currentObject, saveImage, countCategories, isMakingAlbum, chained directories, isUseLayoutHints, CompiledBase).
  • For the best experience, upgrade to jAlbum 15.4. This automatically opens the Variables panel if there are user variables.
  • Requires Java 7 or later.
  • Requires PHP 5 or 7 (if viewer remarks is used).
  • Generates HTML5 web pages.
  • Uses jAlbum Video Support.
    - Videos are converted to MP4 format and displayed in the web browser's video player instead of QuickTime.
    - Video thumbnails show a frame from the video instead of a generic video icon. This is generated by jAlbum.
  • Audio files use the web browser's player instead of QuickTime. Consequently, audio file types wma, voc, mid, au and rm are not supported. Use mp3, wav or ogg instead.
  • Some settings were saved in variables.properties or meta.properties or <<filename>>.txt. These are now saved as standard jAlbum settings. Advantages:
    - All settings are visible in the jAlbum Edit window. You don't need to open various text files to view or change an album object's settings.
    - Titles and comments can be shared with other skins.
  • Framed images are larger, because previously the image was oversized and it was shrunk to the image bounds when it was displayed. Now, the dimensions of the displayed image are (image-bounds + frame-width * 2). This shows better quality images. If you want an album to retain the image sizes from old versions of BPP, reduce the image bounds by (frame-width * 2).
  • The old technique for building a shadow at the bottom of each page does not work in HTML5. Instead, this is now accomplished with CSS. This produces a better gradient.
  • Uses AlbumObjects instead of fileVariables. This is an internal architectural enhancement. This improves compatibility with current versions of jAlbum and ensures compatibility with future versions of jAlbum.
  • Slide page thumbnails have a margin, so that they don't touch the edge of the window.
  • Full size images are centered instead of left-justified.
  • Viewer remarks used obsolete PHP coding techniques for saving remarks in a MySQL database. This code has been converted so that it is compatible with PHP 7, which is the current version.
  • Terminology: Changed "movie" to "video" throughout the skin. This is consistent with jAlbum terminology.
Bug Fixes
  • Video shadows were misplaced.
  • If "Link to scaled-down images only" was selected, a non-functional download button was provided on slide pages. This has been removed.
  • When the style changes, the "Use layout hints" preference is respected. This option stopped working a long time ago.
  • Previously, album generation sometimes failed with error "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space". This still happens, but not as frequently.
  • The Viewer Remarks administrator's console contained HTML syntax errors (unclosed tags). These may have caused problems in some web browsers (since 4.4 or earlier).
  • The Viewer Remarks administrator's console contained obsolete PHP code that stopped working in PHP 5.3.
Code clean-up
  • Unnecessary HTML tables have been removed. Divs and CSS are used instead. This produces simpler, flatter, more compact HTML code.
  • Inline styles have been moved to common.css. This reduces clutter in the HTML files and skin style files.
  • Converted from the deprecated CompiledScript class to CompiledBase.
  • Hidden comments are removed from the generated HTML files.
  • Various other code simplifications.
  • The 58 class files have been replaced with "bluplusplus.jar".
  • There are a lot of skin changes. All of these new and changed features are documented.
  • The documentation is converted to HTML5.
  • When scrolling vertically, the header and navigation panes remain visible.
  • The Search feature is improved.
  • The following BPP settings are no longer supported:
    - Folder-specific variables in "variables.properties".
    - Album object comment in "<<filename>>.txt".
    - "folderTitle", "folderVoice", "indexBackgroundImage", "slideBackgroundImage" in meta.properties.
  • You must convert these obsolete settings to standard jAlbum settings, by running the "SettingsConverter" tool for each BPP album. You can download this from the External tools and plugins forum.
  • SettingsConverter runs very quickly.
  • If an album contains videos, you should probably clear the BluPlusPlus setting "Slide / Video Slides Dimension". This causes each video's dimensions to be calculated automatically.

Version 4.10 (release date June 3, 2018)

Bug Fixes
  • Album generation failed if it contained a video and the setting "Slide / Video Slides Dimension" was blank (since 4.8).
  • The Fixed Shape Filter was not working correctly. It produced small square images. It now produces images that match the image bounds.
  • After submitting a viewer remark, if the user refreshed the page, the remark was submitted again.

Version 4.9 (release date May 17, 2018)

  • A SkinModel class has been added.
Bug Fixes
  • Error when making an album "The specified background image <file path> does not exist." if the album contained a linked file.
  • In the Frames settings, if the user changed Ratio and clicked Preview, the Frame Preview did not change.
  • The documentation has been moved to bluplusplus.jalbum.net.
  • There is a new section "Reference Guide / Frames(w/XBorderFilter) / Advanced examples". This was included with earlier releases, but it was not accessible from the menu, so most users probably overlooked it.

Version 4.8 (release date February 20, 2018)

  • If a target audio or video file was open, a stack trace was added to system console, containing:
    -> Error copying file! java.io.FileNotFoundException: <file path> (Access is denied)
    This now produces no stack trace and a friendly message "Error copying file <file path>, probably because the target file is open".
Bug Fixes
  • If there was an external home, the first breadcrumb in slide pages linked to the wrong URL. This was caused by an old jAlbum bug. BPP contained a workaround for this. The bug was fixed in jAlbum 8.2, and this caused BPP to calculate the wrong URL. BPP's workaround has now been removed.
  • On a non-HIDPI display, HIDPI thumbnails were too big.
  • For linked images, the voice annotation audio file did not play.
  • Error "Unterminated string constant" when viewing a slide page containing a thumbnail whose description contained a line break.
  • Invalid HTML code: The page footer contained a table inside a <span> tag (since 4.4 or earlier). It has been changed to <div>.

Version 4.7 (release date December 4, 2016)

  • Chained directories are supported.

Version 4.6.3 (release date September 20, 2015)

Bug Fixes
  • java.lang.NullPointerException at PhotographicMetaInformation.calculateFocus35mm (since 4.5).
  • 35mm equivalent focal length was not always shown.
  • Don't show meta values that just contain spaces.
  • Replaced all deprecated Java methods.

Version 4.6.2 (release date September 11, 2015)

  • Page blending/fading only worked in IE8. A better technique is now used; this works in all web browsers.
  • Variables can be entered in the "variables" panel in the image settings. Previously BPP ignored these. This replaces variables.properties, although variables.properties is still supported.
Bug Fixes
  • Slide pages always contained the title of the last image in the folder (since jAlbum 12.3).
  • Folder variables were not inherited for linked images.
  • Folder icons were wrong (since before jAlbum 9.6.1).
  • XBorderFilter caused a NullPointerException when an album was opened (since 2007). Fixed in jAlbum 13.
  • HTML pages contained invalid HTML 4.01 code.
  • Context-sensitive help is available for the BluPlusPlus settings (since jAlbum 12.3).
  • Some outdated sections in the documentation have been updated.
  • As you scroll through the styles, a sample image for each style is shown.
  • Hyperlinks are highlighted; previously they were not obvious unless you hovered over them.
  • Documentation has been moved to the jAlbum website.
Known Issues
  • Not compatible with Video Support. In Preferences, do not select Video Support

Version 4.5 (release date June 19, 2015)

Now compatible with jAlbum versions 9.6.1 or later
  • BluPlusPlus has been updated by Chris Twist to be compatible with modern versions of jAlbum
Bug Fixes
  • The version checker crashed if the installed jAlbum version was >= 10. This has been removed. Instead, the version checker in jAlbum verifies that a compatible version of jAlbum is used.
  • In jAlbum 12.3 and later, slide pages no longer contain the last image in the index.
  • The breadcrumb trail no longer starts with an extra dead link.
  • The erroneous error message "java.lang.InstantiationException in BPPFrameHandler" no longer occurs.
  • The error messages "Cannot convert 'null' to a Color" and "Invalid value for property shCol: 585858" if an elaborate_01 frame was used no longer occur.
  • The error message "java.lang.NullPointerException" no longer occurs if the number of threads in Preferences was greater than 1.
  • When the Java code is compiled errors and warnings no longer occur.
  • Two resource leaks have been fixed.
  • The dead links in the BluPlusPlus settings have been fixed.
  • cameras.properies is discarded. BluPlusPlus now uses a more recent cameras.properies that is bundled with jAlbum 9.6+
  • The calculation of the "35mm equivalent focal length" is discarded. Instead, the jAlbum variable "focalLength35mm" is used.
  • The obsolete call to "showPrintingWarnings()" in init.bsh has been removed. This improves compatibility with recent versions of jAlbum.

Version 4.4 (release date July 23, 2009)

New Features
  • Viewer Remarks notification email templates have been externalized into separate files in "/res/php" directory. This permits users to have his/her own customized templates for notification emails. There are also some new variables that can be used in templates.
Bug Fixes
  • A problem some users were having with sending Viewer Remarks notification e-mails has been resolved.
  • A broken link from an original image page to the corresponding normal slide page has been fixed.
  • Incorrect 35mm Focal Length Multipliers in "cameras.properties" have been fixed.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • When there is information missing in the "cameras.properties" file bundled with BluPlusPlus, the system-level "cameras.proprties" (which comes pre-bundled with jAlbum) will be used instead.
  • A small typo in the French translation has been fixed.

Version 4.3 (release date May 29, 2008)

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Updated for compatibility with jAlbum 8.0.x.

Version 4.2 (release date May 27, 2008)

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Interim Release

Version 4.1 (release date November 28, 2007)

New Features
  • Hebrew is now a supported language.
Bug Fixes
  • Audio files now behave correctly when processed as standalone files (as opposed to non-standalone voice annotations that play when slide images are displayed).
Miscellaneous Changes
  • The French and Chinese language packs have been updated.
  • The 35mm Focal Length Multipliers file (cameras.properties) has been updated. Hundreds of new cameras have been added!

Version 4.0 (release date February 6, 2007)

New Features
  • Viewer Remarks now supports Postgresql as well as mysql databases.
  • Viewer Remarks now supports CAPTCHA security images (requiring the user to type a partially obscured set of characters before submitting a remark).
  • Viewer Remarks now has an optional moderation mode (remarks must be approved by a moderator before appearing on slide or index pages).
  • Support for .asf, .wvx and .asx movie types.
  • Users may now add additional video and audio types to BluPlusPlus via ‘supported-audios.txt’ and ‘supported-videos.txt’ files (in the ‘BluPlusPlus/config’ folder).
  • Users may customize the HTML code blocks for video and audio files.
Bug Fixes
  • Single quotation marks in the metadata for photos or folders (e.g. in the name or comment) no longer ruin the statusbar text.
Miscellaneous Changes
  • The Remarks Administration console has been redesigned to make it easier to edit, delete, and approve remarks.
  • The Danish and German language packs have been updated.

Versions prior to 4.0

Older changes are no longer documented.