A Powerful, Flexible “Skin” for the Photo Album Generator jAlbum

Applies to BluPlusPlus version 5.1 (see Change History) which is compatible with jAlbum versions 12.7 to 23

BluPlusPlus (BPP) is a powerful and flexible “skin” for the photo album generator jAlbum. Created by Armond Avanes, BPP draws from the best features of other jAlbum skins and adds new features of its own. It is highly customizable, enabling the user to choose from many options to allow the creation of photo albums of great variety. Flexibility and power bring a degree of complexity. This documentation is intended to permit a user new to jAlbum to get started with BPP while providing the experienced jAlbum user the information necessary to understand all the options for user customization.

How to Use this Documentation

  • If you know what you are looking for, select from the topics in the table of contents at the left
  • If you would like to explore the wealth of BluPlusPlus features, go to the screenshots of the BluPlusPlus tabs and hover the mouse over any option; a brief “tooltip” will appear
  • Reading through all of the documentation is the best way to get a full sense of the power and flexibility of BluPlusPlus.

How to get more help