Note: The references to the various BluPlusPlus tabs on which certain features appear are correct for the latest release listed below; the release notes for prior versions may contain references that are out of date due to changes made later.

Version 4.10 (release date Jun 3, 2018)

Bug Fixes
  • Album generation failed if it contained a video and the setting "Slide / Video Slides Dimension" was blank (since 4.8).
    • The Fixed Shape Filter was not working correctly. It produced small square images. It now produces images that match the image bounds.
      • After submitting a viewer remark, if the user refreshed the page, the remark was submitted again.

      Version 4.9 (release date May 17, 2018)

      • A SkinModel class has been added. This may make console album generation more reliable.
      Bug Fixes
      • Error when making an album "The specified background image <file path> does not exist." if the album contained a linked file.
      • In the Frames settings, if the user changed Ratio and clicked Preview, the Frame Preview did not change.
      • The documentation has been moved to
      • There is a new section "Reference Guide / Frames(w/XBorderFilter) / Advanced examples". This was included with earlier releases, but it was not accessible from the menu, so most users probably overlooked it.

      Version 4.8 (release date February 20, 2018)

      • If a target audio or video file was open, a stack trace was added to system console, containing:
        -> Error copying file! <file path> (Access is denied)
        This now produces no stack trace and a friendly message "Error copying file <file path>, probably because the target file is open".
      Bug Fixes
      • If there was an external home, the first breadcrumb in slide pages linked to the wrong URL. This was caused by an old jAlbum bug. BPP contained a workaround for this. The bug was fixed in jAlbum 8.2, and this caused BPP to calculate the wrong URL. BPP's workaround has now been removed.
      • On a non-HIDPI display, HIDPI thumbnails were too big.
      • For linked images, the voice annotation audio file did not play.
      • Error "Unterminated string constant" when viewing a slide page containing a thumbnail whose description contained a line break.
      • Invalid HTML code: The page footer contained a table inside a <span> tag (since 4.4 or earlier). It has been changed to <div>.

      Version 4.7 (release date December 4, 2016)

      • Chained directories are supported.

      Version 4.6.3 (release date September 20, 2015)

      Bug Fixes
      • java.lang.NullPointerException at PhotographicMetaInformation.calculateFocus35mm (since 4.5).
      • 35mm equivalent focal length was not always shown.
      • Don't show meta values that just contain spaces.
      • Replaced all deprecated Java methods.

      Version 4.6.2 (release date September 11, 2015)

      • Page blending/fading only worked in IE8. A better technique is now used; this works in all web browsers.
      • Variables can be entered in the "variables" panel in the image settings. Previously BPP ignored these. This replaces, although is still supported.
      Bug Fixes
      • Slide pages always contained the title of the last image in the folder (since jAlbum 12.3).
      • Folder variables were not inherited for linked images.
      • Folder icons were wrong (since before jAlbum 9.6.1).
      • XBorderFilter caused a NullPointerException when an album was opened (since 2007). Fixed in jAlbum 13.
      • HTML pages contained invalid HTML 4.01 code.
      • Context-sensitive help is available for the BluPlusPlus settings (since jAlbum 12.3).
      • Some outdated sections in the documentation have been updated.
      • As you scroll through the styles, a sample image for each style is shown.
      • Hyperlinks are highlighted; previously they were not obvious unless you hovered over them.
      • Documentation has been moved to the jAlbum website.
      Known Issues
      • Not compatible with Video Support. In Preferences, do not select Video Support

      Version 4.5 (release date June 19, 2015)

      Now compatible with jAlbum versions 9.6.1 or later
      • BluPlusPlus has been updated by Chris Twist to be compatible with modern versions of jAlbum
      Bug Fixes
      • The version checker crashed if the installed jAlbum version was >= 10. This has been removed. Instead, the version checker in jAlbum verifies that a compatible version of jAlbum is used.
      • In jAlbum 12.3 and later, slide pages no longer contain the last image in the index.
      • The breadcrumb trail no longer starts with an extra dead link.
      • The erroneous error message "java.lang.InstantiationException in BPPFrameHandler" no longer occurs.
      • The error messages "Cannot convert 'null' to a Color" and "Invalid value for property shCol: 585858" if an elaborate_01 frame was used no longer occur.
      • The error message "java.lang.NullPointerException" no longer occurs if the number of threads in Preferences was greater than 1.
      • When the Java code is compiled errors and warnings no longer occur.
      • Two resource leaks have been fixed.
      • The dead links in the BluPlusPlus settings have been fixed.
      • cameras.properies is discarded. BluPlusPlus now uses a more recent cameras.properies that is bundled with jAlbum 9.6+
      • The calculation of the "35mm equivalent focal length" is discarded. Instead, the jAlbum variable "focalLength35mm" is used.
      • The obsolete call to "showPrintingWarnings()" in init.bsh has been removed. This improves compatibility with recent versions of jAlbum.

      Version 4.4 (release date July 23, 2009)

      New Features
      • Viewer Remarks notification email templates have been externalized into separate files in "/res/php" directory. This permits users to have his/her own customized templates for notification emails. There are also some new variables that can be used in templates.
      Bug Fixes
      • A problem some users were having with sending Viewer Remarks notification e-mails has been resolved.
      • A broken link from an original image page to the corresponding normal slide page has been fixed.
      • Incorrect 35mm Focal Length Multipliers in "" have been fixed.
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • When there is information missing in the "" file bundled with BluPlusPlus, the system-level "cameras.proprties" (which comes pre-bundled with jAlbum) will be used instead.
      • A small typo in the French translation has been fixed.

      Version 4.3 (release date May 29, 2008)

      Miscellaneous Changes
      • Updated for compatibility with jAlbum 8.0.x.

      Version 4.2 (release date May 27, 2008)

      Miscellaneous Changes
      • Interim Release

      Version 4.1 (release date November 28, 2007)

      New Features
      • Hebrew is now a supported language.
      Bug Fixes
      • Audio files now behave correctly when processed as standalone files (as opposed to non-standalone voice annotations that play when slide images are displayed).
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • The French and Chinese language packs have been updated.
      • The 35mm Focal Length Multipliers file ( has been updated. Hundreds of new cameras have been added!

      Version 4.0 (release date February 6, 2007)

      New Features
      • Viewer Remarks now supports Postgresql as well as mysql databases.
      • Viewer Remarks now supports CAPTCHA security images (requiring the user to type a partially obscured set of characters before submitting a remark).
      • Viewer Remarks now has an optional moderation mode (remarks must be approved by a moderator before appearing on slide or index pages).
      • Support for .asf, .wvx and .asx movie types.
      • Users may now add additional video and audio types to BluPlusPlus via ‘supported-audios.txt’ and ‘supported-videos.txt’ files (in the ‘BluPlusPlus/config’ folder).
      • Users may customize the HTML code blocks for video and audio files.
      Bug Fixes
      • Single quotation marks in the metadata for photos or folders (e.g. in the name or comment) no longer ruin the statusbar text.
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • The Remarks Administration console has been redesigned to make it easier to edit, delete, and approve remarks.
      • The Danish and German language packs have been updated.

      Version 3.12 (release date October 25, 2006)

      New Features
      Bug Fixes
      • Viewer Remarks author's name containing an apostrophe now displays correctly in the Admin console.
      • A problem with Slide Show on sites with banners and advertisements (using javascript) has been fixed.

      Version 3.11 (release date September 6, 2006)

      New Features
      Bug Fixes
      • The long-standing “Cannot instantiate non-existent class userremarks...” issue with the Viewer Remarks feature has been fixed.
      • A problem with adding Viewer Remarks to photos which have an apostrophe in their file name has been fixed.
      • A small typo in the Romanian translation has been corrected.
      • An OutOfMemoryException has been fixed that was triggered when the rows count was set to zero in ‘Thumbnail Layout’ and there were nested folders.
      • A NullPointerException has been fixed with images which do not have any camera information embedded.
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • 35mm Focal Length Multipliers file ( has been updatedto include more cameras and models
      • An “information only” entry recorded in the Console log was causing confusion for some users; this entry is no longer generated.

      Version 3.10 (release date July 08, 2006)

      New Features
      Bug Fixes
      • BPP now handles correctly filenames with periods (dots or fullstops) in the
        Jump-To-Page dropdown menu in the top bar.
      • A typo in the French language pack has been corrected.
      • The ‘folderTitle’ now works correctly.
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • BPP now works again under JDK 1.4

      Version 3.9 (release date June 22, 2006)

      New Features
      • BluPlusPlus now supports .thm files (generated by Canon and Sony cameras on producing movies) as thumbnails for movies as an alternative to the generic movie icon.
      • A new field, Breadcrumb Trail Content (on the BluPlusPlus-Slide tab), permits users to specify the containing folder’s title, image filename, or any EXIF/IPTC field in the slide image page top bar breadcrumb trail.
      • Slide page comments can now be turned on or off by a new checkbox on the the BluPlusPlus-Slide tab.
      Bug Fixes
      • The display of Exposure Time in the EXIF information is now formatted correctly.
      • In jAlbum 6.1.6 and later, “Copy Originals” was disabled whenever “Link to scaled-down images only” was selected.  This has been fixed.
      • When ‘Use thumbnail for folder icon’ is selected and there is no photo inside a folder BPP now uses a generic folder icon.
      • A typo in German language pack has been fixed.
      Miscellaneous Changes

      Version 3.8 (release date January 27, 2006)

      New Features
      • Viewer Remarks are now optionally available on index pages.
      • If both “Link to scaled down images only” and “Copy originals” are checked on the jAlbum-Main tab, a “download image” icon and link will be generated under each scaled slide image. In this way, you may have both Move-Forward Facility and original image download link active. Important note: With jAlbum versions 6.1.6 and later, it is not possible to have both “Link to scaled down images only” checked AND have a download link. This is due to a change in the way jAlbum works.
      • The new features provided by jAlbum’s improved ‘Edit' tab and the new “Use thumbnail for folder icon” option on the ‘Advanced’ tab are fully supported.
      • “divx” and “xvid” movie formats are now supported.
      Bug Fixes
      • Nikon cameras’ focal length multipliers have been corrected in “”; thus the 35mm equivalent focal lengths are calculated correctly.
      • The Viewer Remarks feature now works correctly on servers that do not recognize the “<?...?>” notation as a valid PHP code block.
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • The Croatian language pack has been updated
      • The Dutch language pack has been updated
      • The ‘Choose Random Icon for Folders’ checkbox on the BPP-General tab has been removed as jAlbum now supports this feature directly via the ‘Use thumbnail for folder icon’ checkbox on the jAlbum Advanced-Main tab.

      Version 3.7 (release date October 29, 2005)

      New Features
      • Croatian is now a supported language.
      • Romanian is now a supported language.
      Bug Fixes
      • An issue with all-numeric album titles has been resolved.
      • A security hole in the Viewer Remarks feature has been fixed through which a malicious user could bypass the login process to enter Admin mode.
      • Viewer remarks with unclosed embedded html tags are now handled correctly.
      • A cosmetic-only Frame Preview bug has been fixed.
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • The Dutch language pack has been updated
      • The 35mm Focal Length Multipliers file ( has been updated to include more cameras and models

      Version 3.6 (release date August 13, 2005)

      New Features
      • Hungarian is now a supported language.
      Bug Fixes
      • An issue with 35mm equivalent focal length calculation, which in some rare cases terminated album generation, has been fixed.
      • When “folderFooter” is defined in a “” file, the footer is now applied to slide pages in addition to index pages.
      • A rare issue with creating the MySQL database table has been resolved (Viewer Remarks feature).
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • The German language pack has been updated
      • The 35mm Focal Length Multipliers file ( has been updated to include more cameras and models

      Version 3.5 (release date April 30, 2005)

      Bug Fixes
      • The EXIF “Flash” field interpretation bug introduced in version 3.4 has been fixed
      • The Viewer Remarks feature no longer displays a warning message when run under PHP 5

      Version 3.4 (release date April 27, 2005)

      New Features
      • Ukrainian, Swedish and Russian are now supported languages.
      Bug Fixes
      • “bpp-generated” has been added to the ‘Ignore Pattern’ on the jAlbum Advanced tab so that no files in “bpp-generated” folders are processed when ‘Output to image directory’ is chosen on the jAlbum Main tab
      • Javascript errors no longer occur when keyboard navigation is enabled
      • Double quotes in image comments are handled correctly
      • The hyper links from slides to original images are correctly encoded (if ‘URL-encode links’ is ON)
      • The “Flash” field in photo metadata is interpreted correctly
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • The BluPlusPlus “copyright” variable was renamed “albumCopyright” to resolve a conflict with the jAlbum variable with the same name

      Version 3.3 (release date April 6, 2005)

      New Features
      • Slovak is a supported language
      • The bottom page shadow can optionally be omitted via a given style’s css file
      Bug Fixes
      • Issues with Frame-Preview have been resolved
      • BluPlusPlus again only requires Java version 1.3.x; version 3.0-3.2 inadvertently required Java version 1.4
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • The Italian language pack has been updated

      Version 3.2 (release date March 30, 2005)

      Bug Fixes
      • The URL encoding issue (with spaces embedded in folder/image names being rendered as ‘+’ rather than ‘%20’) has been fixed
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • The Catalan language pack has been updated
      • The colon in the comment prefix (“Comment:”) has been moved out of a hard-coded location into files so that the entire prefix can be omitted

      Version 3.1 (release date March 16, 2005)

      Bug Fixes
      • Some minor coding modifications to make the skin compatible with jAlbum 5.2 rc2
      • BPP should again run correctly in Console mode
      • The issue some users were encountering with selecting frames on the BPP-Frames tab has been resolved

      Version 3.0 (release date March 4, 2005)

      New Features
      • A new method of creating frames has been implemented. Based on XBorderFilter (written by Jens Tröger), this allows far greater control over frames than was possible previously. Features of this new method include:
        • multiple frame bands with complete control over color, size, shadows, and transparency
        • integration of colored frame bands with external image files
        • ability to mimic “real” frames (such as framed matted prints)
        • a straightforward method of creating one’s own frames and making them available to BPP
        • frame styles can be set separately for slide images, movie images, thumbnails and folder thumbnails

        It is difficult to fully appreciate the power of XBorderFilter without seeing samples. A gallery (including links to download the displayed frames) is available here. More information about XBorderFilter and how it works can be found here.

      • BPP supports a “Viewer Remarks” feature that allows those who view an album to leave remarks about the slide images. This feature requires that albums be accessed from a web server that supports PHP and MySQL. An administrative mode is provided to allow password protected access for remark editing and deletion. This feature is enabled from the BluPlusPlus-Viewer Remarks tab.
      • Album generation is significantly faster in many circumstances
      • Text truncation permits control over the maximum number of characters that will display in the top path bar and in thumbnail captions. This prevents an “overflow” situation that could ruin the appearance of albums. Text truncation is enabled on the BluPlusPlus-General tab.
      • The slide show delay can be set separately for movie slides and slides with comments (set on the BPP-Slide tab).
      • Norwegian is a supported language.
      • Thumbnail Tooltips and Thumbnail Captions can display IPTC/EXIF information.
      • The dimensions can be set for the Audio Console (present if “Show Audio Console” is checked on the BluPlusPlus-Advanced Tab)
      • The slide show delay interval can be specified separately for movie slides
      Bug Fixes
      • Incorrect image shifting on mouseover no longer occurs when Context Help is set to ‘StatusBar’ or ‘Both’
      • Embedded HTML tags in the Album Title field are handled correctly.
      • The new method of implementing frames eliminates the problem experienced by some users with Internet Explorer (PC) not properly displaying all of the frame elements on thumbnails and slide images.
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • The Italian language pack has been updated.
      • The ‘Comment Prefix’ and ‘Comment Postfix’ features have been removed from the BluPlusPlus-Slide tab.
      • The user interface (BluPluPlus tabs) has been reorganized; some options have been moved to a new BluPlusPlus-Advanced tab
      • The Slide Page Thumbnails Ratio has been changed so the value is entered as a percentage rather than as a decimal.
      • Colored bands and decorations around images are are referred to as ‘Frames’ (replacing the former term ‘Borders’).

      Version 2.10 (release date January 10, 2005)

      Bug Fixes
      • BluPlusPlus should no longer suffer an ‘Out of Memory’ error when processing albums with a large number of images.
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • Incompatibilities with the upcoming jAlbum 5.2 have been addressed.

      Version 2.9 (release date October 23, 2004)

      New Features
      • It is possible to specify both the height and width of the movie player window on slide image pages; the dimensions are set on the BPP-Slide tab. To accomplish this, the “movieSlideRatio” user variable has been replaced by the “movieSlideDimension” user variable.
      • Danish is a supported language.
      Bug Fixes
      • The “Jump-To-Page” dropdown menu correctly reflects the customized folder names (set by “folderTitle” in a file)
      • BPP works in console mode with online printing service ON.
      • The navigation button bar is no longer misaligned if “Up Arrow” is the only icon.
      • External home path” behaves correctly when the path starts with ‘/’.
      • When “Link to scaled-down images only” is selected, BPP no longer incorrectly generates an “original” slide html page.
      • The small “overlay” icons used on index pages to indicate that a thumbnail represents a folder or a movie now display correctly on all platforms and browsers.
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • Album processing is significantly faster when “Include Jump-To-Page Facility” is specified on the BPP-General tab.
      • The French language pack has been updated.
      • More cameras are supported with the 35mm equivalent lens focal length calculation.
      • The slide image page layout has been made more compact by the removal of unecessary reserved space for features not selected for a particular album.
      • The generated HTML code is more standards-compliant.
      • Support has been added for the “mypix” online printing service.

      Version 2.8-dev (released with jAlbum 5.0)

      Version 2.8-dev was an interim release; the description of the changes can be found under the information for version 2.9.

      Version 2.7 (release date August 18, 2004)

      New Features
      • BPP provides stronger support for the display of photo metadata information (EXIF and IPTC):
        • IPTC information can be displayed in the photo metadata information window and a new option (“Iptc only”) has been added to the “Meta-data display mode” drop-down menu on the BluPlusPlus-Slide tab.
        • Users can create their own tag labels for EXIF/IPTC information display through the use of files.
        • If a slide image contains only IPTC information and no EXIF information, BPP correctly detects the presence of IPTC information and enables the “i” icon that toggles the display window.
        • The metaDisplayFields user variable has been moved to the BluPlusPlus-Slide tab in order to make it easier for users to customize what appears in the photo metadata information window.
      • The 35mm focal length equivalent is calculated more accurately. If enough information does not exist for the calculation, the 35mm equivalent focal length value is calulated based on the constant values contained in the "” file. The focalLengthMultiplier user variable has been removed because it is no longer necessary.
      • Czech and Chinese are supported languages.
      Bug Fixes
      • The slide page title is correctly set.
      • BPP works correctly if the root of a local drive is specified as the image source directory.
      • The centimeter unit is correctly considered now when calculating the Focal Length Multiplier for some cameras (such as Fuji).
      • The custom folder icons specified within a file are no longer getting ruined for some users when “Output to image directory” is specified on the jAlbum Main tab.
      • BPP works correctly in console mode.
      • All file names for BPP provided files are in lowercase; some web servers were having trouble with mixed case file names.
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • The “EXIF display mode” drop-down menu on the BluPlusPlus Slide tab has been renamed “Meta-data display mode”, and the exifDisplayFields and exifDisplayMode user variables have been renamed metaDisplayFields and metaDisplayMode to better reflect their function as controlling the display of both EXIF and IPTC information.
      • The “Meta-data display mode” drop-down menu option formerly called “standard” has been renamed “custom”.
      • Several cosmetic improvements were made to the meta display window.

      Version 2.6 (release date July 30, 2004)

      New Features
      • Unused BPP resources (icon sets, borders, and styles) are no longer copied to the output folder, thus greatly reducing “file bloat”.
      • If a custom icon is used for a movie thumbnail, a small icon is added to the thumbnail image so that the viewer can clearly see that the slide will be a movie (see icon set screenshots).
      • EXIF information can now be displayed below the slide images as part of the caption (see here for more information)
      • When a slide image is clicked to show the original image (only effective if “Link to originals via scaled images” is selected on the jAlbum Main tab), the image is shown in an html page, rather than having the image jpg file linked to directly; this permits the disabling of image dowloading if save protection is enabled. Also, if save protection is enabled, the “download to disk” icon will be supressed.
      • An “original image” slideshow is possible by clicking on an image to show the original image and then starting a slide show either by the keyboard (using the ‘s’ key) or by the navigation icons. This feature is available only if “Link to originals via scaled images” is selected on the jAlbum Main tab.
      • If “Link to originals via scaled images” is NOT selected on the jAlbum Main tab, clicking on a slide image will take a viewer to the next slide in the album. This feature, enabled by default, is set via the “Include Move-Forward Facility” checkbox on the BluPlusPlus-Slide tab.
      • A new Navigation Tips feature can be enabled on the BluPlusPlus-General tab. If enabled, an icon is placed in the upper right corner of all index and slide image pages; when clicked, a popup box appears giving the viewer a list of navigation keys.
      • The “Jump to” menu in the upper right corner of the topbar has been enhanced; it is possible to go to any “sibling” folder directly. (Note that this works only for “immediate sibling” folders.)
      • The slide show delay interval can be set separately for images with comments and images without comments (to enable viewers to have more time to read comments).
      • French is a supported language.
      • A “favorite” icon displays in the viewer’s browser URL location box when a BluPlusPlus album is viewed.
      • A title for an album can be optionally specified on the BluPlusPlus-General tab. This title appears in the topbar and links to the topmost index page. If left blank, the album defaults to the name of the album source (input) folder.
      Bug Fixes
      • Incompatibilities introduced by jAlbum 4.5/4.6 have been resolved
      • The EXIF information box is no longer toggled by a keyboard shortcut (the ‘i’ key) if a given image has no EXIF information.
      • When using “Random Icons for Folders”, the dimension of the chosen icon is correctly calculated.
      • The thumbnails on the slide pages are no longer distorted when the FixedShape filter is applied.
      • BPP no longer has difficulty with invalid negative numbers in EXIF information fields.
      • Tooltip and caption content set on the BPP-Slide and BPP-index pages are cleaned up by deleting any embedded HTML. The HTML tags were causing problems.
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • Version 2.6 requires jAlbum version 4.5 or greater (this allows album generation to speed up considerably).
      • The ESC (escape) key has been added as a keyboard shortcut for stopping a slide show in progress.
      • The cookie expiration period for slide shows has been extended to 1 hour for non-cyclic slide shows and 24 hours for cyclic slide shows.

      Version 2.5 (release date May 30, 2004)

      Miscellaneous Changes
      • Version 2.5 has EXACTLY the same feature set as 2.4; the only change is that version will run with Java 1.3.x, whereas version 2.4 required Java 1.4.x.

      Version 2.4 (release date May 27, 2004)

      New Features
      • Filter managment—All of the standard jAlbum filters (text, watermark text, shadow text, fixed shape [called ‘fixed size’ in BPP], greyscale, zoom, and logo) are now available and easily configurable on a new BluPlusPlus subtab. More information is available here.
      • New icons sets and borders—There are two new icon sets (“black” and “white”), as well as many new border styles. Icon sets are selected on the BluPlusPlus-Slide tab; borders are selected on the BluPlusPlus-Index tab. One set of new borders is designed to work well with the new “black” and “white” icon sets, and the other new borders are drop shadow borders designed to integrate seemlessly with the corresponding BluPlusPlus style (e.g., the new “shadow_autumn” border looks perfect with the “Autumn” style. Screenshots are available of all of the available icon sets and borders.
      • New topbars—each style has a default top bar better suited to the style’s color scheme; the default choice of top bar can be changed by altering the appropriate style css file. The various top bars are illustrated here.
      • Customizable default themes for styles—When a style is selected on the jAlbum Main tab, BluPlusPlus will pick up the values of other choices (icon sets, borders, and any other BPP user variables) from a file that is user-customizable.
      • Blending effects—Blending effects on slide and index pages can be turned on or off on the BluPlusPlus-Slide and BluPlusPlus-Index tabs.
      • Slide captions—The information presented below the picture on slide image pages is customizable. This is set on the BluPlusPlus-Slide tab.
      • Cyclic slide show—Slide shows can be set to cycle indefinitely through the pictures within a given subalbum, rather than end at the last slide. This option is set on the BluPlusPlus-Slide tab.
      • Customizable context help—A new “statusbar” has been introduced; with this feature enabled, when the mouse is moved over images and navigation icons a tooltip appears in a statusbar that appears just below the navigation icons. Options include no tooltips, statusbar tooltips only, normal tooltips (that appear in a yellow box) only, or both. This option is set on the BluPlusPlus-Slide tab. In addition, a line break can be forced within the tooltip.
      • Flexible location of navigation icons—The navigation icons and links bar can be optionally specified to appear at the top of pages, the bottom of pages, or both. This option is set on the BluPlusPlus-General tab.
      Bug Fixes
      • Aspect ratio for movie thumbnails—The aspect ratio for movie thumbnails was not correct when the thumbnail icon was specified via an icon file with a .thumb extension. This has been corrected.
      • Slide page thumbnail ratio—If the slide page thumnail ratio was changed from its default value, slide page thumbnails were not aligned correctly. This has been corrected.
      • Scrollbars—The infamous “IE scrollbar issue” (where IE 6+ creates a scrollbar when one is not needed) has been addressed and is believed resolved.
      • Movie and sound files are now copied to the destination folder whether or not the ‘Copy Originals’ box is checked on the jAlbum Main tab (movie and sound files may not play if they are not in the right place).
      • Movie files are placed in the ‘slides’ folder to accomodate the needs of Windows Media Player.
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • The ‘thumbnailNoteContent’ and ‘folderNoteContent’ user variables were renamed ‘thumbnailCaptionContent’ and ‘folderCaptionContent’ to better reflect usage.

      Version 2.3 (release date March 8, 2004)

      Important note: There are two versions of BluPlusPlus “version 2.3” floating about: the version 2.3 available from the jAlbum Repository and the version bundled with jAlbum 4.3. They differ in only one respect: the version bundled with jAlbum 4.3 has DISABLED the Watermark feature by default, whereas the one on the repository has the Watermark feature ENABLED by default.

      New Features
      • Slide Prefetching—If enabled, the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ slides are preloaded in the background after a given slide image page is loaded. This is particularly valuable when users are accessing an album through a slow, dial-up internet connection. This feature is set on the BPP-Slide tab and is controlled by the user variable prefetchSiblingSlides.
      • Index page caption tooltips—It is possible to customize the tooltips that show up in Internet Explorer when one hovers over the captions beneath both slide and folder thumbnails on index pages. Use the new user variables thumbnailNoteContent and folderNoteContent.
      • Brazilian-Portuguese is a supported language.
      Bug Fixes
      • Scrollbar customization—The ability to customize scrollbar colors in Internet Explorer now works again. This is done by changing the properties of the ‘html’ selector in the css file for the style one wishes to use. See the style customization page for more information.
      • The size of movie thumbnails is calculated correctly.
      • albumfiles.txt files work correctly when images from different folders are specified.
      • An error has been fixed in the javascript that controlled access to the Shutterfly printing service.
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • Padding and margin changes—The css files were changed to provide a more attractive look, particularly when using the Opera browser.
      • The ‘actionType’ user variable was renamed ‘iconSet’ to better reflect its usage.

      Version 2.2 (release date February 4, 2004)

      New Features
      • Audio Console support—If enabled, an audio control console is present when an audio clip is playing. This feature is disabled by default and is set on the BPP-General tab and is controlled by the user variable showAudioConsole.
      • Size of movie screen—The display size of movie screens can be set. This is controlled by the user variable movieSlideRatio.
      • Russian and Polish are supported languages.
      • Shutterfly printing support—If enabled, those who view albums can order prints of slides from This feature is disabled by default and is set on the BPP General tab and is controlled by the user variable shutterflyPrintingSupport.
      • Image download protection—If enabled, those who view albums will not be able to download images by right clicking on them. This feature is disabled by default and is set on the BPP-General tab and is controlled by the user variable includeSaveProtection.
      • New tooltip attribute—‘SlideDimension’ (height and width of slide image) is a tooltip attribute. This is set by the user variable thumbnailTooltipContent.
      • Custom icon sets, borders, and languages—It is possible to create custom icon sets, borders, and languages and have these picked up by the BPP GUI so they can be selected on the various BPP tabs. See Customizing Icon sets, Borders, and Languages for more information.
      • New “About” tab—A new BPP subtab has been added to give links to valuable resources.
      Bug Fixes
      • Playing audio and movie files—This is vastly improved and works on a broader range of platforms and browsers. See the including audio and including movies for more information.
      • The selection of folder icons at random has been fixed.
      • The blend-effect (a softer, gradual transition when moving from slide image to slide image) now works.
      • Long paths to slides in the top blue bar are now handled correctly.
      • The slideshow play/pause controls now work correctly on slow dial-up connections.
      • References to custom folder icons outside of the input album directory now work. This feature is implemented via a file.
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • Default icon set—The default icon set is “universal” rather than “bright-matte”. Icon sets are chosen on the BPP-General tab.
      • The ‘includeExternalHomeInPath’ user variable is no longer supported and has been replaced by the ‘externalHomePath’ user variable. This new variable is more flexible.

      Version 2.1 (release date December 17, 2003)

      New Features
      • Improved GUI—The BPP subtabs have been reorganized for better clarity. BPP now takes advantage of jAlbum’s support for a skin-specific tab. Some BPP features can now be set directly on the BPP-specific subtabs rather than only through user variables.
      • Warning on invalid path—If a user specifies an invalid path for custom icon or background images BPP generates a warning message.
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • Italian language support has been updated.
      • When an album is viewed and an original image is selected via a link, the original image now opens in a new window.
      • Foreign language text encoding is taken from jAlbum rather than the BPP language text file.

      Version 2.0 (release date December 14, 2003)

      New Features
      • New GUI—BPP takes advantage of jAlbum’s support for a skin-specific tab. Some BPP features can now be set directly on the BPP-specific subtabs rather than only through user variables.
      • Per folder user variable and style support—It is now possible for each subalbum to have its own values for BPP user variables and can also have their own styles. This is accomplished via a file.
      • Spanish, Catalan, and Dutch are supported languages.
      • Many new styles have been added. See Styles examples for more information.
      • Audio file support—It is possible to have an audio file play automatically when an index or slide image page is opened. See Including audio for more information.
      • Custom background images—It is possible to specify custom backgrounds (wallpaper) for index and slide image pages. This is accomplished via a file.
      • Thumbnail borders—Three attributes of thumbnail borders may be controlled. These are specified via the folderThumbnailBorderType, folderThumbnailBorderSize, and folderThumbnailBorderColor user variables.
      • Slide page thumbnail sizes—It is possible to specify the size of slide page thumbnails relative to the size of index page thumbnails. Use the slidePageThumbnailRatio user variable for this.
      Bug Fixes
      • EXIF infomation html tags are generated correctly.
      • The aspect ratio for folder icon images is preserved.
      • Long thumbnail labels on index pages no longer overlap.
      Miscellaneous Changes
      • Custom folder icons are not copied to the output album folder if thumbnails are generated.
      • Thumbnail captions on index pages are rendered in bold text.
      • Drop shadows now look better when used with non-white backgrounds.
      • All user variables that previously took yes/no values have been converted to true boolean (true/false) variables.
      • All user variables that were of the form ‘Exclude...’ have been renamed ‘include...’
      • All user variables begin with lowercase letters.
      • All user variables with underscore ‘_’ have been renamed without an underscore.

      Versions prior to 2.0

      For information about 1.x versions of BluPlusPlus, please refer to the ChangesHistory.txt file in the ‘docs’ folder in the BluPlusPlus skin folder.